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Pelvic Dysfunction
Pelvic Dysfunction
Ideally the pelvis should be balanced with no abnormality. Pelvic Dysfunction is a broad term used for any abnormalities in the pelvic girdle arising from a number of multiple issues: i.e Poor Posture, Repetitive Stress, Trigger points , Short Leg , Poor Flexibility in the Pelvis. This causes misalignment throughout the spine creating abnormal stress , Wear and Tear of the Joint Capsule thus not allowing the muscles to function correctly hence causing muscular imbalances, Abnormal Sacro iliac Joint Alignment , Chronic Lower Back Pain , Degeneration or Disc Herniation. When muscles are forced to work in an abnormal mechanical position over long periods of time they will become sore and weaken over time and often the Hip on the effected side becomes Tight ,making it difficult to Sit ,Stand walk or Run and may also cause Pain when lying down causing one to wake up with a stiff back and this is what causes Pelvic Tilts and Pelvic Rotations.

It is very commonly seen on Patients who have been on long Flights or long Road Trips or someone who has had a Fall. Normally after a Fall one will experience soreness and stiffness in the Lower Back and Buttocks ,Some soreness is to be expected but if Pain persists for weeks or months you will need to be treated by an experienced Soft Tissue Therapist who can help to correct the Pelvic Dysfunction. Not anyone will do , even if they can Massage , do acupuncture or Dry Needling or other Therapies. This may only provide short term Relief Unless the Therapist is Experienced to correct the Pelvic Dysfunction.

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