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Pre/Postnatal Massage
Pre/Postnatal Massage

Reduce Pregnancy Stress by Pre and Post Natal Massage

Whether pregnant for the first time or an experienced mother , all women can benefit from massage therapy during an after pregnancy. Well versed in anatomy ,pathology ,assessment and range of therapeutic techniques, registered massage therapists can play an instrumental role in easing women through the various stages of maternity.

Massage is particularly useful to mothers because as their pregnancy evolves, postural changes and added weight can cause discomfort and pain – which in turn can lead to lack of rest and chronic fatigue. After the birth , massage can help expedite recovery and provide relief from the challenges of early motherhood.

Rest is an essential component of a healthy pregnancy. Stress due to lack of sleep can wreak havoc with a mothers immune system , and can even disrupt her babies development. Pre and post natal massage therapy in Perth help facilitate essential release and relaxation , giving mothers a much better chance of getting the restorative sleep mothers and their babies need.

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Pre/Postnatal Massage Therapy