Dry Skin Brush


Dry Skin Brush



Dry skin brushing has been used for centuries by different cultures as part of their beauty regime and for health benefits. It has been revived again by health and beauty professionals because of its benefits. Daily dry skin brushing benefits include:

  1. Removing layers of dead skin cells and other impurities allowing the pores to breathe thus improving skin PH levels, allowing creams to absorb into the skin properly.
  2. Anti-aging at first the skin goes drier then becomes very smooth and unlined, preventing premature aging.
  3. Reduces ingrown hair
  4. Stimulates circulation thus improving the function the sweat and oil glands.
  5. Excellent for removing cellulite, clearing the lymphatic system to rid the body of metabolic waste and thus strengthening the immune system to fight bacteria.
  6. Helps to clear sluggish liver or kidneys (people with yellowish palms of hands and soles of feet)
  7. Helps to flush excess water from tissues, this reduces puffiness and bloating in the body.
  8. Because of efficient cell renewal and repair, it quickens tissue healing and repair.
  9. Cleansing the body of waste and impurities, thus relaxing the muscles and giving good muscle tone.

How to use the brush

Start at your feet sweeping in circular movements towards your heart, going over cellulite areas several times, with alternating circular and long sweeping motions. When brushing the buttock area, bend to stretch the skin. Do not over brush and be rough to your skin. All strokes should be towards the heart to encourage the return of blood and lymphatic flow. All this should take only between 3 – 5 minutes.

Caution: Do not do dry brushing if you have eczema, psoriasis or on areas of varicose veins.



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