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About Esmat Parkar, Soft Tissue Therapist

Esmat is a Soft Tissue Therapist accredited by the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT). Through extensive industry experience and continued education, Esmat is able to apply Advanced Musculoskeletal Skills to target the individual needs of each patient and help provide treatment options.

Esmat has been in the industry since 1990 and in that time has worked alongside some of Perth’s best Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists to help treat patients with long and short-term acute/chronic pain and injuries.

Esmat’s patients have included Top Athletes, both in training and in-competition and she has also worked with Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers Compensation claims, treating patients with Acute and Chronic Pain, Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI),

Esmat’s patients describe her as a warm person, bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and passion for her work in Soft Tissue Therapy.

After gaining AAMT accreditation, Esmat worked as a Soft Tissue Therapist for Prue Fitzpatrick’s Remedial Massage Clinic and Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic, both in Perth.

A good few years later, Esmat founded Victoria Park Sports Massage Clinic and worked across a wide-range of patients with diversified needs, including chronic pain management, injuries and stress management.

She also managed and trained a number of therapists working alongside her at the clinic. After several years, Esmat parted ways with Victoria Park Sports Massage Clinic to embark on a new journey that would enable her to concentrate and focus solely on her passion for Soft Tissue Therapy and treatment.

What to expect at a consultation

At your initial consultation,Esmat will discuss with you your medical history, your current body condition and any other relevant factors pertaining to your injury or pain. This is in order to enable her to design the best possible treatment protocol for you, to properly understand the health issues that you face and thus help deliver the best possible treatment for you. Because muscle memory returns within days it is always necessary to have a follow up treatment as soon as possible. For acute and chronic problems regular treatments are initially suggested for you to realize the difference in your body.

Sometimes oil is used to first massage and warm the area of concern so as to soften the tissue, before working on the muscle at a deeper level. You may experience some discomfort initially especially if you are already in pain, however this will alleviate after treatment.You may also find other areas of the body will be taken into account during treatment due to the natural compensation you make with your body when you have an existing injury or are in pain and discomfort.

Esmat will discuss ongoing treatment with you and will provide a comprehensive treatment plan based on the underlying cause of your problem. You may also be shown and asked to do certain exercises after your treatments in order to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Esmat Certifications

2018Applied Kinesiology
Dry Needling Knee Masterclass
Laser Photobiomodulation ( Workshop 2 )

    2017Laser Photobiomodulation ( Workshop 1 )
    Chapman Reflex Activation

      2016Rib Cage and Sternum Dysfunction
      Fascial Articulation

        Jan 2015LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy Training – RianCorp
        2015Ankle and Foot Mobilisation
        Upper Body Dry Needling (Refresher )

        Mar 2014Lecture on Facia – Tom Myer
        Mar 2014Easing the Neck – Tom Myer
        Jun 2014Strain, Counterstrain for Lower Extremity Disfunction – Hayden Gambling

        Sep 2013Cervical, Spine & Shoulders – Dr Paul Conneely
        Jul 2013Miofacial Cupping – David Sheehan
        Jul 2013Dry Needling from Buttocks to Scalp and Upper Limbs – Dr Paul Conneely
        Jul 201310 Motions of the Hip – Dr Paul Conneely
        Jun 2013Dry Needling – Paul Conneely – lower limbs and achillies tendon – tendonitus

        Nov 2012Biomechanical Assessment for Talus, Foot and Ankle – Dr Paul Conneely
        Aug 2012Dysfunction of Lumbar Spine and Pelvic – Dr Paul Conneely
        Aug 2012Dry Needling Upper Body and Limbs – Dr Paul Conneely
        Jun 2012Dry Needling Lower Body – Shane Toohey

        Dec 2011Fascia as a Sensory Organ: Bridging Science into Clinical Practice – Robert Schleip
        Sep 2011MFR III – TMJ, Deep Cervical and Upper Extremities
        Michael Stanborough
        Sep 2011Master Class- Mobilising the Ankle
        Michael Stanborough
        Mar 2011Working on TMJ (Temporal Mandible Joints) – Marianne Granger

        Nov 2010Internal Organs Part 2 – Dr Neil Skilbec
        Oct 2010MFR II – Myofascial Technique for the Ribs, Respiration and Thoracic Spine – Michael Stanborough
        Aug 2010Anatomy Trains – My Fascial Mendaius – James Earls
        Jul 2010Anatomy Trains – James Earls
        Jun 2010Internal Organs Part 1 – Dr Neil Skilbec
        Apr 2010Active Anatomy – Posture & Assessment, Core & Pelvis, Neck & Shoulders, Hip, Knee and Ankle – Merrin Martin

        Nov 2009Ongoing Structural Integration
        Jorge Tendeiro
        May 2009Soft Tissue, Neuromuscular Technique
        Dr Robert Goodrem

        Nov 2008Myopractic, Neil Skilbeck
        Nov 2008Stretching Workshop, Perth
        Aug 2008Goldtech Technique – Paul Davis
        Aug 2008Phillip Latey One of Australias most experienced Osteopath. “Muscular Stress Patterns” Learning Muscle Release Techniques to Encourage Pelvic Balance, to Release the Occipital Triangle, the Shoulder Gridle, Neck and Skull.
        Feb 2008SCENAR Therapy Level 1 Training

        Dec 2007Myofascial Sculpting – WATER – Pelvis/Hip Complex
        – Jorge Tendeiro
        Nov 2007ENAR Therapy Level 1 Training
        Sep 2007Myofascial Sculpting – EARTH – Lower Leg, Ankle/Foot Complex – Jorge Tendeiro
        Aug 2007Myofascial Sculpting – Elementals MET (Muscle Energy Technique) – Jorge Tendeiro
        Apr 2007Heller work Synopsis -Structural Integration – Postural Analasys – Jorge Tendeiro
        Jan 2007Dorn Method – Basic Course –
        (Read more about the Dorn Method)
        Nov 2007Holma Method
        Timo Maaramen

        Aug 2006Plevic Dysfunction Update
        Lynda McClure – Australin School of Structural Integration
        Mar 2006Elongating & Shortening Muscles, Orthopaedic Assessments, Specific Muscles
        Barry Harwood

        Nov 2005Integrated Fascia Release
        Steven Goldsteins

        Oct 2004Craniosacral Therapy
        Rodney Hunt
        Oct 2004Neural and Joint Release, Advanced Myofascial Release
        Rodney Hunt
        Aug 2004Frozen Shoulder and Sciatica Pain, Adhesive Capsulitis
        Greg Morlings
        July 2004Cervical, Thoracic, Scapula, Shoulder and Lower Back, Knee, Thigh, Hamstrings, Hip and Groin Pain
        Rob Granters
        Jun 2004Pelvic and Shoulder Dysfunction
        Stuart Hinds
        Mar 2004Functional Fascial Tapping
        Ron Alexander

        Aug 2003Pelvic Dysfunction
        Lynda McClure – Australin School of Structural Integration
        Aug 2003Foot Work
        Lynda McClure – Australin School of Structural Integration