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History of Kansa Wands
Kansa Wands
Kansa: pronounced Khan-Sah is highly revered in many circles. ln lndia Kansa dishes and bowls were given as wedding gifts. People prized their sacred statuary and beautiful sounding gongs made of this precious metal. Through out human history people have been intrigued with stones and metals.

Some used it to make tools and weapons while others were polished and used in ceremonies for adoration, and many are used for healing purposes. From a historical point of view, there is only one Metal Alloy that stands out as the first and possibly foremost metal for healing. ln lndia, it is known as KANSA.

Kansa was first made in the period of history that bears the more commonly known name of a metal alloy, the Bronze Age. Bronze is said to be one of the most innovative alloys ever created 5000 years ago, During the Bronze Age, the Harappans, the lndus valley inhabitants and the same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda created Kansa, which is made primarily of copper mixed with tin (Bronze). Kansa is unique for many reasons.

with metals from different parts of the world forged together, the end result was harder and more durable than other materials available at the time. lt was Kansa that enabled these ancient people to create such superior metal objects. lt was widely used for tools, sacred statues,housewares,bells and gongs as well as weapons and armour. Kansa was also thought to have great therapeutic value and was introduced as a precious metal in Ayurveda.This traditional healing tool was used for the Ayurvedic treatments, Kansa Vataki and has been made in India by artisans for generations. Today artisans still work with loving care and keen attention to quality and detail, combining tradition with innovation to produce beautiful body care tools.
The Kansa massage tools can be as simple as a thinly lipped cup to more elaborate forms made from the purest Kansa,with a rich Gold hue fitted upon a handcrafted Teakwood handle. Kansa has therapeutic benefits beyond the common foot application. For years we witnessed the relaxing and balancing effects of Kansa bowl feet treatments. According to the accepted theory at the time, Kansa was a tri-doshic metal alloy and it helped to bring balance to the three doshas or subtle energies of Ayurveda : VATTA, PITTA and KAPHA. Furthermore, it relaxed the full body, helped detoxify the internal organs and also help in balancing the body’s innate energy. When rubbing the Kansa wand back and forth along the entire body and feet the oil used will slowly turn grey.
This is the Kansa attracting and discharging the negative acidity from the body. Because of our former knowledge of Kansa, the greyness from the skin is not surprising. ln lndia many skin treatments have been practiced in Kansa substance to get to any disorders. When it has the property of healing disorders it can rejuvenate the skin naturally.

Estheticians are now incorporating Kansa into facial treatments. When working with the Kansa Wand on the skin the tissues look fuller, age lines are dramatically decreased and the face looks brighter and more alive. To see faces lifted, lines decreased and tissues looking more restored to a youthful vigor and radiance is a surprise. After further researching the Kansa we understood why this happens, simply put Kansa is a fantastic carrier of eleciricity. Because our bodies are electromagnetic, Kansa works with our own natural electromagnetism and enhances it and naturally brings more charge and vitality to the face.

According to Eastern traditions we are still in a Bronze Age. Thus in a time when we seek simplicity and sustainability and continue to practice traditional treatments from around the world it stands to reasons that Kansa is the new “ancient” kid on the block.For bodywork and aesthetics, in the spa and at home, Kansa massage for face, bady, skin and feet offer inexpensive and highly effective new possibilities-

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science in the world. Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots -“Ayu” meaning Iife and “veda” meaning wisdom, offering the holistic and natural approach to a healthy life. The metal Kansa is called the healing metal in Ayurveda. The Kansa foot massage is an Ayurvedic treatment which has been used for centuries. This is a wonderful and unique treatment that works holistically to balance mind body and spirit. The massage helps revitalize tired feet and also to re balance tri-dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) as there are major energy and nerve endings in the feet that correspond to internal organs.

As it has great importance the Kansa Wand is made from only the finest quality materials. The use of Traditional Ayurvedic Ghee is highly recommended and while gently massaging with the Kansa Wand the ghee will turn grey as it attracts the negative acidity from the body” The benefits of using the Kansa Wand are it Relaxes tired muscles, improves blood & lymphatic circulation, Enhances lower limb mobility, restores levels of Prana (energy) and promotes sound sleep.