Avacen 100
How Does Avacen 100 Work?

You might be wondering how this mystery device does its trick in pain treatment and muscle relaxation.

In recent years,non-invasive pain treatment alternatives have been discovered in order to curb the frequent use of drugs for pain treatments, thereby reducing the side effects those drugs cause in the human body. Avacen 100 is the Future of Pain Relief.

Did you know that the palm of your hand plays an important role in the regulation of heat through your body? It contains a unique heat exchange network of veins that distributes blood throughout the body.

Avacen 100 is designed to use the vascular network in your palm to thin and warm your blood before it returns to the heart for distribution throughout the body.

Avacen works by simply placing your hand into the sanitary mitt then insert your hand into the Avacen device. Avacen creates a vacuum and you will feel the cuff gently seal around your wrist.

During the therapy session, your palm begins to heat up slowly and therefore reducing your blood viscosity and increasing the flow of blood. When the flow of blood is increased, more oxygen and nutrients is carried to where the pain is being generated and also carry away toxins from the body. Each session can last for between 10 to 20minutes depending on your needs.

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