Handy Pulse Laser


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Learn how to use your own Personal Laser once you have purchased the laser from us.
Esmat will teach you one on one how to use your Laser at no extra cost within your treatment time whilst she is treating you.
Esmat has a vast knowledge on Laser Technology and has been successfully using Lasers to treat her patients since 2015.

The laser offers a unique synergy of 3 light wavelengths, delivered simultaneously and targeted to the source of pain in a super-pulsed beam.

The Handy Pulse Laser combines:

  • Super pulsed infrared laser diode 905nm wavelength
  • 4 Visible Red LEDs 635nm
  • 4 Infrared LEDs 875nm
  • Static Magnetic Induction
  • 905nm x3 pre-programmed Frequency Modes, set for different conditions and types of pain from short-term inflammation and injury to long-term pain
  • Frequencies – Mode Variable pulses between 1000-2500Hz (All Pain), Mode 50Hz (short-term pain), Mode 5Hz (long-term pain)
  • Instruction Guide includes a suggested 3 week treatment regime for various symptoms

The laser can be purchased with an additional Attachable Acupuncture Probe at an added expense.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces pain and speeds recovery by assisting the body’s natural healing process
  • Easy-to-use one-touch operation
  • Programmed 5 minute treatment setting
  • Non-heat producing
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Compact and portable, use at home, work and on holidays
  • Long-lasting rechargeable li-ion battery
  • 2 Year Warranty Including Battery
  • Laser device made in Israel with the 905nm laser diode component made in Germany

Effective pain relief for a range of pain and inflammatory symptoms that include:

  • Mild osteoarthritis
  • Neck and back pain
  • Tennis elbow and sports injuries
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation in knees, ankles, feet and hands

    Included accessories

    • Easy-to-follow User Guide with recommended treatment methods for a range of conditions
    • Australian/NZ power charger (only available from Pulse Laser Relief)
    • Stylish protective case
    • Eye protection glass, with soft case

Laser Treatments For Hands

– Arthritis, osteoarthritis of hand joints, traumatic damages, fractures and dislocations.

Treatment areas

1 Cubital fossa – 50 Hz 5 min

2 Rear side, Scanning – Variable 5 min

3 Palm side, Scanning – Variable 5 min

4 Along cervical & thoracic – Variable 5 min

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